Open Quantum Problems

NrTitleContactDate (Y/M/D)Last Progress (Y/M/D)Categories
1All the Bell InequalitiesR.F. Werner1999/10/252010Quantum foundations
2Undistillability implies ppt?D. Bruß2000/03/022006/08/16Entanglement theory
4Catalytic majorizationM.B. Plenio2000/12/182007/09/24Entanglement theory
5Maximally entangled mixed statesK. Audenaert2001/11/08-Entanglement theory
8Qubit formula for Relative Entropy of EntanglementJ. Eisert2003/06/20-Entanglement theory
11Continuity of the Quantum channel capacityM. Keyl2003-Quantum communication
12Bell Inequalities for long range vacuum correlationsR. Verch2002/01/22-Quantum foundations
13Mutually unbiased basesB.-G. Englert2003/01/312004/01/07Quantum communication
14Tough error modelsE. Knill2003/01/31-Quantum computation
15Separability from spectrumE. Knill2003/01/312013/09/08Entanglement theory
16Complexity of product preparationsE. Knill2003/01/31-Quantum computation
17Reversibility of entanglement assisted codingP. Shor2003/01/31-Quantum communication
20Reversible entanglement manipulationM. Plenio2005/02/08-Entanglement theory
23SIC POVMs and Zauner's ConjectureD. Gross2005/02/17-Quantum communication
24Secret key from all entangled statesP. Horodecki2005/03/15-Quantum communication
25Lockable entanglement measuresP. Horodecki2005/03/15-Entanglement theory
26Bell inequalities holding for all quantum statesR. Gill2010/04/19-Quantum foundations
27The power of CGLMP inequalitiesR. Gill2006/02/28-Quantum foundations
29Entanglement of formation for Gaussian statesO. Krüger2005/04/20-Entanglement theory
31Individual measurement strategies on geometrically uniform statesJ. Bae2005/10/06-Quantum communication
32Bell inequalities: many questions, a few answersN. Gisin2007/02/022016/12/01Quantum foundations
34The geometry of quantum nonlocalityW. Slofstra and M. Navascués2017/04/26-Quantum foundations
35Existence of absolutely maximally entangled pure statesF. Huber2017/05/19-Quantum computation
36Composition of decoherence functionalsM. Navascués2017/05/19-Quantum foundations
37Stronger submultiplicativity for the diamond normD. Reeb2017/05/19-Quantum communication
38The PPT-squared conjectureM. Christandl2017/05/19-Quantum communication
39Steering bound for qubits and POVMsR. F. Werner2017/05/19-Entanglement Theory
40Refinement of the Bessis-Moussa-Villani conjectureD. Hägele2017/05/19-Many-Body Quantum
Information Theory
41All rank inequalities for reduced states of quadripartite quantum statesM. Huber, N. Linden and A. Winter2017/05/20-Entanglement theory
42Reversible dynamics on composite systemsB. Dakic and M. Müller2017/05/20-Quantum foundations
43Are all extensibly causal processes purifiable?M. Araújo and C. Brukner2017/05/22-Quantum foundations
44Can classical big data be loaded fast enough to achieve linear algebra based quantum machine learning speed-ups?M. Krumm2018/04/27-Quantum computation
45Catalytic entropy conjectureH. Wilming, P. Boes and M. Müller2019/07/05-Many-body quantum information theory